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The laboratory of the MC Asclepius is the first private laboratory in Vladivostok city that obtained the right to conduct Covid-19 testing.

In our clinic anyone (without a doctor’s referral) will be able to take a coronavirus test.

For the purpose of safety of all patients of our center, we have provided a separate entrance with easy navigation within the territory of the clinic.

We did this so that the flows of patients attending scheduled appointments not to come into contact with patients who are planning to take Covid-19 testing.

It is possible to take a coronavirus test at home as well. Our clinic offers such service as “Distant self-collection of samples for Covid-19 at home”. With such method of collection, a patient receives a special kit for taking test at home, takes a swab by himself/herself and gives the biological material to the courier. After that the test results will be sent to the patient by e-mail within three working days.

In addition to the standard test, in the Medical Center Asclepius you can take a test for antibodies to Covid-19, which helps to identify the presence or absence of coronavirus infection and an immune marker to it in a person.

You can take a test for the following markers:

М – shows if the patient is sick with Covid-19 at the moment.

In case of detection of M marker, the information about the patient is transferred to Rospotrebnadzor, while the patient is recommended to take a follow up test for Covid-19 by PCR method.

G – presence of antibodies to Covid-19

For a robust picture of the antibodies analysis, we recommend to take М + G tests

The test is carried out on the test systems Vector Best with 100% sensitivity.

The following restriction applies: the patient should have no signs of cold-related diseases.


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